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Welcome to the website of our company


We are a regional company in the trade of products that save energy, especially LED lamps.

Unfortunately we do not have our website in all languages, we hope you understand.

However, we are here to serve you and we have some information on the website, but we ask you that for more information visit or contact us by phone .

In the last years, energy costs increased disproportionately (even with the use of fuel oil being higher) and, therefore , demanding an ever increasing part of our income. Through savings in energy consumption, at least part of the expenses can be absorbed while helping to preserve the environment.

Products that offer enough comfort is the concern of our company.

These products are the focus of our company


as well as
            Infrared Heaters.

Based on our online catalog, you can get a first impression.
Many technical details can be understood, despite the language barrier .

For more queries / information , contact or visit us at our store.
There is the possibility of consulting and transactions in most cases in english.
Many products are available in stock.

We are open Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 hours.

We await your visit.

Feuer und seine Freunde
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